No. 20—2024

Things Take Time

Johannes Wohnseifer

Info: When we dream, often we see something true. A world that seems to lie behind what our everyday perception presents to us and, yet, only reveals itself to our eyes in that very oneiric moment. Images of the past reveal themselves like visual or verbal phrases of a cultural subconscious, hazy and often only partially recognizable, so that they seem to exist as shadows of a history just vaguely known to us. In our memory of its nuances, somnambulistic, ambiguous, and ambivalent elements are reflected, which, via the constant flux of its constitutive elements, generates a multiplicity of meanings and whose very recurrence reflects the perpetual echo between dream and the death of another, subconscious form of narration. Linn Lühn is particularly pleased to announce Johannes Wohnseifer’s third solo exhibition Things Take Time, which, beginning with the notion of temporal distance and its transformative effect, centers around the idea of the studio as archive. (…)

Linn Lühn Düsseldorf Johannes Wohnseifer ArtJunk