No. 25—2024


Jesper List Thomsen – in collaboration with Hot Wheels Athens

Info: FREEEee is a text that runs over 32 pages. Part folksong part lecture, it probes the parameters of corporeal and intellectual deliberation, of essayistic logic and poetic neglect, via a series of encounters with current and deceased thinkers. FREEEee is Jesper List Thomsen’s first solo presentation in Germany. The exhibition brings a body of work to a close that has been researched, rehearsed and made public between 2019 and 2020 at Hot Wheels Athens, South London Gallery and Parhesiades, London. Alongside and in parallel List Thomsen has been writing and editing the text FREEEee under the auspices of l’Esprit de l’Escalier. It’s publication coincides with the exhibition at BRAUNSFELDER.

Braunsfelder Family Collection Jesper List Thomsen ArtJunk