No. 25—2024

Hacking Pandoras Box

Jan Pleitner

Info: Jan Pleitner (* 1984) creates extraordinary and expressive abstract painting that is driven by unconscious thoughts. His works are often created in a short time or are even produced in excessive individual sessions which last several days and nights with only short moments of rest. His works are full of energy and movement, with jerky lines that draw the eye up and down the canvas and cause the focus to bounce. They are either painted on a (plastic) tarpaulin printed with abstract forms, or on canvas with different under paintings or imprints, resulting in the differentiated nature of the surfaces and process. The different undercoats flash through in various places where they have been consciously discreetly or freely painted, so that these places sometimes seem scratched open or to lie hidden under the darker layers. His physical and classical approach to painting lets him scratch through multiple layers of paint as readily as he builds them up, resulting in a highly tactile canvas.

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