No. 20—2024

Vier Gedanken

Henrik Potter

Info: Henrik Potter’s new series of paintings begin with a rectangular framework, which he secures to the wall with articulated brackets. Via hinges, this initial framework supports two smaller doors to its left and right. Each door is made from horizontal and vertical lattices of wood, over which either muslin or oil skin is stretched. The translucency of this fabric is light dependent, sometimes the skeleton of the wooden frame is evident, and other times the muslin or oil skin is opaque. Each painting has the capacity to be opened and closed like a cupboard, and they are also able to be rotated on a horizontal axis within a 180 degree radius. With your willing assistance, they become kinetic objects. Henrik has made four paintings for his second solo exhibition at Lucas Hirsch’s Düsseldorf gallery. Here, they unfold both spatially and visually: a case of site and sight, if you will. Given their ability to be moved and opened, viewing them is like witnessing a scene in constant flux, like how seeing a door ajar prompts you to think of who occupied the space before. (…)

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