No. 24—2024

Sun Script

Gregor Gleiwitz

Info: Gregor Gleiwitz’s expansive paintings that comprise his upcoming exhibition at SETAREH Düsseldorf, Sun Script, are an internalized exploration of the natural world, caught in the glare of the sun, as an aesthetic contemplation of our place in the universe. Gleiwitz, seeking to understand his standpoint on this earth, embarked on long walks in the countryside near his studio, watercolors in hand to develop studies which would guide his impressions for the large scale oil works. Out in the field, he sought to capture the natural world around him, and himself as a part of its ever-changing tapestry, aware that a still life is never truly still. He worked in situ within the landscape, but unlike conventional en plein air painters, who faithfully reproduced the subtle changes in light throughout the day, he broke with the tradition and painted in bright, direct sunlight. He observed how the dazzling light amplified the colors, deepened the shadows, and imbued everything it touched with an almost unreal quality.

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