No. 24—2024


Steffen Jopp, Emma Løkke, Moritz Riesenbeck, Emil Walde, Theresa Weber

Info: SETAREH X is pleased to present GENIUS LOCI IX – STRIKES BACK. The annual exhibition series with young emerging artists will be held for the first time at SETAREH X, Hohe Str. 53, Düsseldorf. While in recent years graduate exhibitions have also been shown in several museums, SETAREH is now showcasing the 9th edition of the group exhibition. In the second year of the pandemic, GENIUS LOCI, the spirit of the place, deliberately refers to Düsseldorf as an outstanding art location and focuses on exceptional talents from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. The participating artists Steffen Jopp, Emma Løkke, Moritz Riesenbeck, Emil Walde and Theresa Weber exhibit latest works, which on the one hand stand for themselves and on the other hand reveal both formal and thematic cross-connections among each other.

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