No. 20—2024

Film screening: Shelly Silver – Hanae Utamura

In the context of the exhibition Resonances of DiStances: Shigeko Kubota – Hanae Utamura boa basedonart will show the films:

Shelly Silver, 37 Stories About Leaving Home (1996), 52 min.
In this award winning documentary, Shelly Silver presents an intimate portrait of a group of Japanese women ranging in age from 15 to 82, talking about their lives, families and society. Mixing childhood memories, frank statements, epic events and quotidian details, the film bears witness to the strength of these women and the difficulty of their choices, as they navigate between personal desires and familial and cultural pressures.

Hanae Utamura, Spring Water, Fault, Body / 湧き水と断層と身体 (2021), 16:30 min.
In her impressive film essay, Hanae Utamura approaches the life of her father. Not as a father, but primarily in his capacity as a scientist with a focus on nuclear energy, Utamura illuminates the life, hopes and struggles of this man. Exemplarily, the father/scientist stands for a whole generation of researchers who set the course for the future of the earth in the 20th century. Both films are shown online →

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