No. 22—2024

Felix Schramm / Tristan Wilczek

Felix Schramm, Tristan Wilczek

Info: In the most recent works from Felix Schramm’s Accumulations, the heterogeneity of found and made items has given way to a clearly more reduced presentation. Restrained in color, sparing in the choice of resources, the aspect of space—a key reflective category for Felix Schramm in general—is instead given a new perspective. Spatiality is formulated in a completely different way in the works of Tristan Wilczek. For him, the question of space is first and foremost driven by an examination of the contexts of comprehension and cognition underlying the idea of the image itself. Diagrammatic logic is an essential theoretical reference here: the relationships between image and text that make even complex facts clearly representable through their spatial-relational arrangement.


The exhibition is part of a year-long exhibition series in Mönchengladbach with a changing focus by the galleries DREI and Markus Lüttgen.

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