No. 25—2024

Splendour in the Grass

Emiliano Maggi

Info: SETAREH is pleased to announce Rome-based artist Emiliano Maggi‘s solo exhibition under the title Splendour in the Grass. On the occasion of the exhibition we will present an essay written by the director of the Macro Museum in Rome, Luca Lo Pinto. Maggi reveals a world-making ethos across the surfaces of his works and in its details, where countless moments of invention and curiosity reflect ever-unfolding mysteries of consciousness. Each of Emiliano Maggi’s works arises from an ongoing intuitive relationship with the large array of techniques and mediums: from sculpture to performance, from painting to dance, from the highly acclaimed musical project Estasy to pictorial works. And, above all, ceramics, the material of which the artist has made his privileged medium.

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