No. 30—2024

Feel Fantastic – Extraterrestic

Emil Schult & Transhuman Art Critics

Info: Feel fantastic, and feel extraterrestic! The optimistic title itself opens up numerous worlds of Emil Schult: Those of the future, of technology, of outer space. The thread running through the reverse paintings on glass, the sculptures and videos is gold, the cosmic metal that is indestructible, does not carry germs and symbolizes timelessness. The Golden Room is lined with 24K gold, with its iconographically portrayed technology (a microchip structure, the abstract shape of a carbon molecule), the galaxy, the Tibetan mandala form enabling knowledge and concentration, and the song and video I Am Digitized – I Won’t Die by Transhuman Art Critics: The music emanates from a small, golden speaker in the golden room and describes in poetic form humanity’s longing and striving for an unlimited life, from the very beginning of the history of civilization until the highly technological present time. (…)

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