No. 10—2024



Info: The exhibition explores the heights and depths of the invisible substances around us, where the several meter long sublimated and meticulously pleated soft monolith Feeler­, receives and extends out to become an instrument which unveils the spatial quality of LRRH_AERIAL – the tone-of-place, a perceptual space is experienced by the visitors. The soft monolith is tuned with augmented material sensitivity to electromagnetic tides flowing within the space and amplified into audible range. In Feeler, the artists bring attention to the continual flux of energy and vibrant materiality by sculpting the air, combining concepts of space, energy, matter and time into a multisensorial soft sculpture. This self-generating soundscape is autonomous and perpetually modulated by the electromagnetic activity occurring within reach of the monolith’s soft antennae. What is invisible finds its way through. (…) As part of the LRRH_AERIAL chapter_² / Kite #2.

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