No. 25—2024

Rehearsal For A Funeral

Dennis Tyfus

Info: Hier Rust Dennis Tyfus. (Here rests Dennis Tyfus) Or so the engraved marble placard that outside the artist’s house in Antwerp would have you believe. An artwork and gallows humour prank sometimes elicited shock from residents who took news of the artist’s passing as literal. In Rehearsal for a Funeral a series of performative or theatrical sculptures and installations with sardonic undertones pervade the JUBG space in Cologne. These tragi-comic or slapstick situations however, belie more pointed existential concerns. We are bombarded daily with breaking news of impending global meltdowns be it ecological, financial or ontological. As the line between fiction and reality increasingly blur in our contemporary mediascape, what if we viewed these works more as surrealist uncanny film stills in which believing is seeing and vice versa?

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