No. 26—2024


Daniel Baker

Info: The London based artist Daniel Baker exhibits his installation Reflector in the Attic showroom. Baker’s work examines the role of artistic practice in the enactment of social agency via the reconfiguration of aspects of Gypsy visuality. His work is exhibited internationally and can be found in collections worldwide. Reflector comprises artworks that focus on the performative phenomenon of concealment through display, perhaps more commonly understood as camouflage. The sculptural works of Baker turn the convention of camouflage on its head by performing concealment through the conspicuous enactment of immersive scale and dazzling optics. In Canopy, for example, the artist has rendered the intended function of foliage camouflage redundant by gilding its surface with bright metal leaf. The Surveillance Blanket and Baffle Blanket series were inspired by the most basic of two-way mirrors. Here the convention of striped mirror, used to disrupt any clear image of the observer lurking behind, is amplified in scale and dimension resulting in softly melting swathes of shiny matter which again draw the attention of the outsider, whilst maintaining the privacy of that which is hidden beneath. (…) During the exhibition we will present further editions by Daniel Baker, byebyebn, May Hands, Paulina Hoffmann, Hugo Holger Schneider, Björn Schülke and Christian Aberle.

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