No. 21—2024

Katzen würden Kitarren kaufen

Cornelius Quabeck

Info: When you start chatting among musicians without knowing each other very well, and musical instruments or 19 inch equipment become topical pretty much straight away, you usually know that you should have one foot out the door. Too often, the collecting of equipment or guitars replaces the actual work or, as I would say, the actual enjoyment. The musicians in question have oftentimes developed perfidious techniques over time to convey a feeling of guilt to their vis-à-vis as soon as one is starting to fall asleep during a lengthy conversation about cables, rivets, and sleeves, the half-shut eyes desperately scanning the location for any familiar face to save one from this situation. And then there are situations where you find yourself in the role of some sort of nerd, collector, or simply fan of something technical because it is about, let’s say, a guitar brand nobody from the peer group appreciates. And then you encounter the right person at the right place, and you can finally have a conversation about it. But is a guitar even solely technical? Isn’t a brand with considerable identification potential a part of a pop-cultural subculture per se? Isn’t the guitar, leaving aside its cult status, an artwork in itself and not just mere handicraft? (…)

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