No. 26—2024

CoPI – Collection of Published Information. Edition I: Why's It So Hard?

Talia Chetrit, Marcel Dzama, Nan Goldin, Thomas Ruff

Info: We are building a library: a place where knowledge is collected and passed on. The Collection of Published Information is an interactive project, which forms as a recurring pop-up library in the rooms of Caprii in Düsseldorf. What is a body? How does one capture light? How does a society de-/construct itself? Each edition of the library reinvents itself anew, and collects publications, artists and perspectives. A project never concluded. The collection shall grow dynamically, inviting visitors—in addition to the research of CoPi—to leave their own suggestions for titles and/or artists that fit the current focus. In this way, perspectives are opened—making the collection of books as diverse as possible. Perhaps this will burst the bubbles in which we move and generate new questions. Complementary to the library, artworks on the respective subject are exhibited. (…) Location: Caprii, Orangeriestr. 6, 40213 Düsseldorf.

Caprii Sies und Höke CoPI Nan Goldin et al ArtJunk