No. 22—2024


Charles Cohen, Santiago Castano, Simon Herandez, Simon Meija

Info: Wildpalms is bringing a curated cinema to your home. This is a two week online event exhibiting video works in movie theatre format. Advertisement: Charles Cohen’s Figures (2012) uses found footage, a collage of commercial snippets he had collected over 7 years, to create a timeless video work filled with humor and criticism of our contemporary consumerism. The work Standard Double (2002) takes clips of movies where the evil me meets the good me. Trailer: Santiago Castano’s Morphosis (2017) is a 3D-animated short film, created over a course of 3 years of intense work, about a little enslaved frog that liberates her community. Movie: As main movie of this cinematic event, film-maker Simon Hernandez and musician Simon Mejia have been over the past years working on various social and environmental documentary projects. Both trained artists created in their most recent work (2020) a moving and eye-opening documentary on the exploitation of the Colombian nature. To participate the online only event, please register here → 

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