No. 08—2024

Heimarbeit. Adopted for use. IKEA Küchen Ensemble

Christopher Williams

Info: Galerie Gisela Capitain is delighted to announce its eleventh solo exhibition with Christopher Williams. As stated in the brochure for this exhibition:


»This IKEA Küchen ensemble, this set, this arrangement of props. Organized for the production of conventional forms. These forms contribute to a typological study of the photographic image.


Frontal, overhead, 3/4 shots. The building blocks.


Simple pictures, regional pictures, ordinary pictures, vernacular pictures, conventional pictures, normative pictures, average pictures, representative pictures, utilitarian pictures, domestic pictures, redundant pictures, pre-existing pictures.


It is in the shadow of this domestic redundancy that the process of reassembly becomes possible.«


Six hand-painted signs, four new photographs in full colour, five new wall treatments, two new films, one new sculpture, one new publication in full colour and one unique arrangement will be on display. Location: St. Apern Str. 26, 50667 Cologne & Albertusstr. 9–11, 50667 Cologne.

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