No. 09—2024

Autonomic Ambience Vol 1

Christopher Stead

Info: Christopher Stead (*1974 in Halifax, UK) presents his first solo exhibition Autonomic Ambience Vol 1 with Ruttkowski;68 at Pop;68 in Cologne. If counter-culture is the mirror that reflects society, what kind of society are we reflecting? In the wake of multiple crises – the EU Referendum, COVID-19, and global inflation – Autonomic Ambience Vol 1 celebrates the recalcitrant spirit of countercultural resistance amid the divisions of a post-Brexit Britain. Informed by ecological and economic positions, Stead’s practice focuses on turning life’s lemons into lemonade through processes of accumulation and the agency of found matter. Materials recovered from the streets and detritus gleaned from the studio are woven and patched together, creating ambient nervous systems that index the entanglement of the past, the present and futures forever lost. This regenerative practice reimagines spaces into storage vats of regional, cultural and collective memory, creating a post-pandemic blues as a visual soundtrack to contemporary conditions. (…)

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