No. 30—2024


Christoph Schellberg

Info: We are very pleased to present the exhibition Rain by Christoph Schellberg at Birkenstrasse 43 and 45. Christoph Schellberg has begun a new group of works, demonstrating once again that his painting is at the same time both challengingly new yet timeless. The new works consist of horizontal-format paintings, for which, out of numerous smaller images, the painter has first developed, then, with the utmost concentration, followed through with a schema, eliciting strong associations with landscape painting in spite of the final works containing no representational elements. The paintings are dominated by amorphous, sometimes cloud-like forms that protrude from the right side of the images above the scaffolding of their white frames and colored spaces. (…)

Linn Lühn Christoph Schellberg ArtJunk