No. 09—2024

Muscle Memory

Chris Succo

Info: Chris Succo welcomes entropy. A proficient of abstraction, Muscle Memory unveils his return to instinct, beckoning us back to the primal essence of Intuition based work. Within a productive career in process-based art, Succo has silenced the dissonance of external influences and propelled him toward reexamining artistic dynamism. In an epoch fraught with a stifling fixation on perfection and a zealous purge off fallibility, Succo’s work is an audacious act of defiance. Akin to alchemists of old, he transmutes the ashes of erratum into the very essence of his canvases, subverting the contemporary optimization lens that besieges creative sanctity. Embracing the dialectics of vulnerability and resilience, Succo forges an enigmatic synergy between unbidden mistakes and the inviolable catharsis of his abstract oeuvre.

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