No. 25—2024


Carsten Fock

Info: Vejby is a small village on the coast of the Danish Island of Zealand, about 50 kilometers north of Copenhagen. Since September 2020, Carsten Fock has been painting here repeatedly for weeks and months in almost complete isolation, following a strict daily routine of meditation, exercise, and work. Over the years, several series of abstract paintings and drawings have emerged, inspired by the changing seasons, colors, light, the course of the coast, fog, and cloud formations. The artist, born in 1968, was interested in the formal exploration of the history of landscape painting, especially Nordic symbolism, the works of Edward Munch and Jens Ferdinand Willumsen. However, the essential aspect was the intense experience of the landscape and the existential encounter that Fock sought to capture with simple and reduced means. The series created between 2020 and 2022 in Vejby resembled inner landscapes evoked through physical contact with nature. (…)

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