No. 10—2024

The Cascade Song

Carolin Eidner

Info: Carolin Eidner (b. 1984 Berlin) presents her second solo exhibition The Cascade Song with Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf. Throughout this exhibition, the motive of a waterfall poses the question about how we deal with uncertain and overwhelming energies pouring upon us. The future is embodied as a powerful and simultaneously joyous and frightening force, in an endlessly forwarding and renewing cascade. In Eidner’s specific use of material, laborious hand-crafted plaster structures result in hybrids between painting and sculpture, where both, digital and hand drawing, are fused – transforming the ephemeral into monumental stone-like representations. This conversion of a waterfall opens up a field, where seemingly contradictory elements coexist. The presence of a phallus-like form cascading down, along with the inherently transient nature of the waterfall, alludes to an atomizing dualism between categories and their paradigms. Within this space, the convergence of the future and the past takes place in the present, while revealing the presence of the new and yet unlocated as having been already in place. (…)

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