No. 22—2024

Caleb Considine / Gili Tal

Info: Caleb Considine (*1982, lives in New York) continues his practice of observational painting in the studio and surrounding area. In this exhibition Caleb Considine presents two new paintings. One is a still life in which the book Between Earth and Sky by Marie Neurath is displayed open on a table in the artist’s studio. The other is a plein air painting depicting a view from a train platform in the neighborhood of the artist’s studio. Gili Tal’s (*1983, lives in London) Windows (Rainscreen Wash) are a series of digital prints on canvas, hung like cladding inside the gallery, individually or in constellations, reminiscent of an irregular checker-board pattern. The works feature a repeated motif of simulated rain and stock-image style drawings. Rendered in different shades of blue and stamped with a literally washed-out Shutterstock watermark, the pictures evoke street-view sights of newly constructed buildings, and the play of light, water and shadow on glass – an effect explicitly reproduced by the aluminum cladding styles of numerous contemporary facades. (…)

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