No. 09—2024

five or six paintings⁠

Anke Weyer

Info: Meierbach is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by NY artist Anke Weyer. This will be the artist’s first solo presentation with the gallery after participating in a group exhibition in 2016. When writing about painting, one is always writing about a burdened tradition – loaded with a seemingly infinite history of discourse that revolves almost exclusively around itself. Where does this obsession come from? The fascination of the medium can probably be best explained by its affective power, or in short: by what it offers to the viewers. The distinctive characteristic of painting seems to be that it not only realizes the producing subject (the artist) but, through the nature of its materiality, the painting itself becomes a subject. Anke Weyer’s painting does exactly that: it shows us the vitality of the image, unfolding in practice and work.

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