No. 25—2024

Andreas Schmitten

Info: SCHÖNEWALD is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Andreas Schmitten. After increasingly devoting himself to the development of expansive formats over the past two years, the artist is now turning back to the roots of his creative practice: working with models. This reveals the fundamental motivations of his oeuvre, the inimitable language of which integrates elements from fields of design such as architecture, fashion, product design, and theatre, as well as social fields of reference such as art history and religion. Schmitten’s gradual approach to the representation of the human body is also immediately recognisable: Both his typical mirrored display cases and a series of smaller sculptures negotiate fundamental questions of sculpture as well as painting, such as the relationship between two and three-dimensional representation, colour, volume, and place. He often declines motific fragments through the various manifestations of the work from model to sculpture to drawing, which at the same time sheds light on the production dynamics of the work.

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