No. 25—2024

Andi Fischer

Info: Surfers often talk about the perfect wave. But is perfect really the right adjective when it comes to waves? William Finnegan, for one, has his doubts. The US author and journalist wrote an award-winning book about surfing a few years ago. Waves are not stationary objects in nature. They’re not diamonds or roses or something that you just look at. Instead, Finnegan describes the miracle of waves as the end of a process, an explosion across a reef, which is affected by the wind and tide. The ephemeral nature of waves is part of their magic. It takes a special kind of nature literacy, courage, and muscle memory to conquer them on a surfboard. With his two large-format wave paintings Enorme Wirbelwelle (2022) and Enorme Wirbelwelle № 2 (2022), Berlin-based painter Andi Fischer celebrates the unique blend of fear, respect, euphoria and release that he experiences when surfing. Interferences as well as surfaces in light blue, royal blue, and navy blue combine to create a dynamic moment that comes from inside the wave. (…)

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