No. 09—2024

Hammerspace: Double Vision

Alyce Ford

Info: An artist-writer, artist-psychotherapist, artist-professional-dreamer, artist-CGI-worker and artist-video-gamer were asked to reflect on the sensation of space. Is it possible to get lost or to lose oneself intentionally? Text as solvent of the self. I have not disappeared, I am permeating the text, but am shattered, bent out of shape. Kaleidoscopic subject: I am everywhere. Narcissistic-paranoid tendencies or monstrous empathy? Particles of the reading subject blow through the text like grains of dust, adhering to the corners, slits and concavities. Sanding edges, expanding gaps. There is grinding and rustling. Flaubertian phobia of silting. An amateur scholar adrift in an ocean of sheets. Osmotic pressure. What remains of a Rembrandt torn into four equal pieces and flushed down the toilet? The reading subject is flushed. Polluting the text, being polluted in turn. A watermill to wet her petals. And now, dear reader, for your intellectual toilet, here is a little piece of soap. Turning corners in slippery corridors, swift-footed. She has long abandoned laboring to remember the read. Words and sentences later; a catalyst, a musical or cinematic cue, a focus lens. Visitations. (…)

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