No. 08—2024

Musée des Chemises

Alexandra Hopf

Info: Installations by Alexandra Hopf generate a feeling of dejà vu. This also applies to Musée des Chemises that – not just coincidentally – recalls Marcel Broodthaers’ mise-en-scènes. A lettering of the exhibition’s title and a painted monochrome surface with irregular outlines embellish the wall. Lined with potted palm trees a folding-screen, made of grained wood panels, cuts across the room. The panels display transparent reverse glass paintings, which visualize a cycle of disembodied images. They in turn bear likenesses, mounted on the panels like film sequences. The beginning was the original of a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Broodthaers, also a master of reference, captured the drawings in a 1964 film essay entitled Bruegel et Goya, journalistes. The stills from this film reproduced in his publication Cinéma served as templates for Alexandra Hopf´s reproductions on glass. The respective interpretations through the ages overlap and create something original again. (…)

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