No. 30—2024


LRRH_ ART EDITIONS BY Marc Brandenburg, Katharina Grosse, Paulina Hoffmann, Frédéric Leemans, Lucy McKenzie, Huang Rui, Rosemarie Trockel, Johannes Wohnseifer, Richard Woods

Info: The LRRH_ ART EDITION BY are limited editions of contemporary art by renowned and promising international artists alike. Each of the predominantly textile works is under careful curatorship and intentionally represents the diversity of modern artistic expression. The ART EDITION BY project encourages collaborating artists to explore their creative process in new and innovative ways through the medium of textile. High-quality and unusual materials, modern techniques of textile processing, as well as traditional and progressive methods of refined hand work are skillfully applied to materialize works of textile art. When presented as framed tapestry or as sculpture to be worn or staged, the serial works become unique embodiments of contemporary fine art.

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