No. 20—2024

chapter_¹: Katharina Grosse. While Many

Katharina Grosse

Info: »For me, contemplating the world has always been linked with simultaneously doing something in it, with it or to it. Painting makes possible the simultaneity of imagining and acting.«


Like Beautiful (a 12-piece edition Grosse designed for LRRH_ in 2020) While Many is made of a photograph printed on metal mesh, yet on a much greater scale. The printed image represents a new branch in Grosse’s exploration of haptic painting and the transformative impact of colour. The image is chosen from a series of photographs showing situations or actions, connected to Grosse’s painting practice in some way or another. Depicting a moment, where the boundaries between the artist’s body and the material blur in the act of painting, it oscillates between surface, texture, image and object, order and disorder, destruction and creation, tension and release, forced and free-flowing movement.