No. 10—2024

A Complementary Story

Erika Hock, Irina Ojovan

Info: In the exhibition A Complementary Story the artists Erika Hock and Irina Ojovan invite the viewers to an active dialogue with their works. Erika Hock (*1981 Kyrgyzstan) occupies the space of the gallery with her sculptures titled Hosting Structures and already this designation suggests the aesthetic-functional ambivalence of her works. In their monochrome coloration and symbolic form, they assert themselves as autonomous sculptures in the space, but at the same time, due to their soft materiality, they challenge the viewer to actively use them; they not only want to be looked at, but also literally occupied. In combination with two illuminated objects made of powder-coated metal, Erika Hock creates an inhabitable setting that invites the viewer to linger and offers an exchange with Irina Ojovan’s abstract paintings. (…)

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