No. 25—2024

Zuhause bei Freunden / შინ მეგობრებთან

Mariam Odishelidze, Carmen Kirkby, Katharina Maderthaner, Bea Otto, Connor McNicholas, Julia Kröpelin, Alexander Zheleznyak, Guram Shavdia, Pieterjan Ginckels, Alexander Poliček

Info: Usually, I bring traditional Georgian wine and Churchkhelas (sweets from walnuts in dried grape juice) as presents to my Western friends. The exchange of national food has the form of symbolic ritual, embracing the anthropology of human mobility. Wine and Churchkhela has been integral in travel and relocation in Georgia, yet the tourist industry imposes traditional Georgian gifts. Recently, have I expanded upon the thought of what a present is, where with this national food, I took graphic art works of a young Georgian artist. (…) Ort: CCA-Tbilisi, 10 Dodo Abashidze St., Tbilisi, Georgia.