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Hanna Rose Stewart

Info: Like the party-hungry girls who frenetically brave the snowy streets of Leeds and Newcastle clad in little more than a Fashion Nova dress, the magician orchestrates chaos. She often serves as a catalyst within the hero’s journey, propelling things into action. The magician possesses the power of transformation, invoking altered states and opening up an illusory realm which can bring about enlightenment as well as deception. In her exhibition Atter, Hannah Rose Stewart (b. 1994) explores Northern England’s nightlife as a zone of magic. The exhibition’s title references an antiquated term for a poisonous potion in medieval England, nodding to the historicity of the archetype. The show includes three new sculptures that build on the artist’s engagement with neoliberal psychogeographies and incorporate elements found within the North’s urban landscape, as well as found footage of its ghostly dwellers. (…)

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