No. 30—2024

suddenly the whole

Behrang Karimi

Info: Behrang Karimi’s paintings and drawings are visionary glimpses of inner worlds. Through the graphic and pictorial gesture Karimi opens unreal and unpredictable scenarios made of traces of dreams and daily life, memories and personal affections. He leads an intimate and poetic, tragic and yet ironic research on man, nature and on the act of painting itself. The fictional characters which often populate his works treasure the joys and worries of human beings, forever suspended in a timeless enigmatic dimension as they are, in the eternal childhood of man. Likewise, nature is perceived as a sentiment: it records the bits and pieces of consciousness and unconsciousness and shares the fate of man. Location: Caprii, Orangeriestr. 6, 40213 Düsseldorf.

Sies und Höke Caprii Behrang Karimi ArtJunk