No. 29—2024

With Yourself

Gaa Gallery

Melissa Brown, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Volker Hüller, Olivia Jja, Marin Majić, Johanna Seidel

Info: Gaa Gallery is pleased to present With Yourself, a group exhibition featuring works by Melissa Brown, Andrea Joyce Heimer, Volker Hüller, Olivia Jia, Marin Majić, and Johanna Seidel. The exhibition brings together these artists whose observational and imaginative approaches to painting and material examine a breadth of topics relating to everyday narratives and the dimensionality of daily experience. From revealing the otherworldliness of the ordinary to multifaceted qualities of loneliness, belonging, and memory, the works in With Yourself engage in a conversation about narrative, selfhood, and representation. The works in the exhibition depict the times in which we are alone. The moments of internal dialog. The conversations we have with ourselves. The rehashing of an exchange. The state of lying down, looking up. Being there and not there at the same time. The times we are alone in transit, traveling from one place to another. They are images of moments of stillness, both eery and calming. The moments of daydreaming, brainstorming, and playing out different scenarios and fantasies. (…)

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