No. 30—2024

Willehad Eilers x Jan Kath

Galerie Droste

Willehad Eilers

Info: Two selected paintings by the German artist Willehad Eilers have been transformed into large-format tapestries by the carpet manufacturer JAN KATH DESIGN. Eiler’s painterly density is thus transcribed into a fabric intensity. The mood achieved by him is worked out in detail by Jan Kath in mostly Chinese silk. The radiance that silk possesses underlines the atmosphere of a hedonistic celebration of the 1920s. These works are presented alongside large-format paintings by the artist, which clearly stand out from the carpet works. It is a return to Eilers’ starting point – the line. They not only illustrate to the viewer the artistic path and scope of his oeuvre, but also embed the tapestries in an installation-like narrative that functions like side events to the carpet works. At first glance, Jan Kath’s new carpet works from his artistic Rug Bombs series show classic portraits framed by traditional decorations. The impression of an amulet is deliberately implied as a contrast to the motive. (…) Location: Jan Kath Köln, Venloer Str. 16, 50672 Köln.

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