No. 30—2024

Niklas Apfel x Pool Board Series


Niklas Apfel

Info: Niklas Apfel is an interdisciplinary artist living in Berlin with a focus on graphic design and illustration. His work takes place in the area of tension between applied graphic design and free art, whereby the individual areas often blur into one another. The abstracted and transformed representation of figures, landscapes and typography characterises his artistic approach. In his most recent work Blow Up Niklas Apfel deals with power relations and interprets them in a 5.5-metre-high inflatable sculpture. He is currently a Meisterschüler at the Berlin University of the Arts with Professor Fons Hickmann. In his contribution Outside to the Pool Board Series, Niklas Apfel interprets his installation work Blow Up in a two-dimensional manner. The horse is depicted in its natural habitat. The work Blow Up will be displayed at two dates in the backyard (Altes Theater). Ort: Altes Theater, Lindenstr. 77, 47798 Krefeld.

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