No. 49—2023

In Conversation: Sophie Thun and Fiona Liewehr

Deutsches Fotoinstitut – DFI e.V.

Sophie Thun (Artist), Fiona Liewehr (Art historian)

Info: As part of the series TOWARDS PHOTOGRAPHY, DFI e.V. invites you to a conversation between the artist Sophie Thun and the art historian Fiona Liewehr about Thun’s artistic practice, focusing on aspects of duration, interpretation, and her work with the archive of Zenta Dzividzinska. Sophie Thun (*1985, based in Vienna) works primarily with techniques of analogue photography, its spaces, processes as well as conditions of production and exhibition. Raised in Warsaw, Thun completed her master’s degree at the Academies of Fine Art in Vienna (2017) and Cracow (2010). Thun is currently interim professor of the photography class at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

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