No. 49—2023

Finissage & Artist Talk: Hedda Roman. Oldboy: Death to Dialectics

Sies + Höke

Hedda Roman (Hedda Schattanik & Roman Szczesny), Katharina Klang (Curator)

Info: An artist talk with Hedda Roman, moderated by the curator Katharina Klang, will take place within the exhibition. In celebration of the closing weekend of Oldboy: Death to Dialectics, the gallery will remain open on this day till 8 pm. (…) Sometimes it takes distance to be able to recognise something better. This also applies to the present, hence there have always been attempts in the genre of science fiction to consider it speculatively from the future. Hedda Roman follows a similar approach: for their exhibition Oldboy: Death to Dialectics, they have created a fictional universe inspired by Nabokov’s 1962 novel Pale Fire and the 2017 neo-noir science fiction film Blade Runner 2049.

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