No. 30—2024

Open Sunday: A Path Into White


Kazuki Nakahara

Info: Kazuki Nakaharas sensitive drawings usually show large-scale, abstract fields of lines. The sequences of lines with coloured pencil and charcoal are parallel and horizontally aligned. Their freehand strokes seem spontaneous in their lightness. Again and again reminiscences of Japanese calligraphy flash up in his work, a technique that has a long tradition in Kazuki Nakahara’s native Japan. Kazuki Nakahara was born in 1980, has lived in Berlin since 2005 and studied at the Weissensee Art Academy. His drawings have been shown in numerous international exhibitions. In 2020 he was awarded the Egmont Schaefer Prize for Drawing.

Galerie Rupert Pfab Kazuki Nakahara ArtJunk